Feeling Stuck?

Maybe you’re not making the progress you know you could be?

Or possibly you’re just beginning. You’ve read a few blogs, watched some tutorials…and not sure where to start. I know the feeling.

Let’s get you where you want to go.

It took me 5 years to start seeing any success in my production, but I could’ve cut that in half if I had invested in a course or a coach.

Time is our most limited resource. I wish I could rewind the clock and teach my younger self a thing or two.

While I haven’t figured out how to go back in time (yet…) I have built a course and coaching program that can make sure you don’t end up spinning your wheels like I did.

Don’t make the same mistakes most people make when they’re beginning:

  • Not setting goals or knowing what you want out of it.

  • Not focusing on the right elements.

  • Not being disciplined enough or having someone to kick your ass and keep you accountable who knows what they’re doing.



Work one-on-one with me to clarify your vision and create a practical, do-able action plan that achieves your goals, fits your time commitment, and helps you elevate your gam.


I offer sessions customized to help you crush the learning curve, make better music, stay inspired, and market your work online.

 I'll work with you to clarify your mission and set some milestones.

Then, we'll make sure the fundamentals are covered and break down your goals into actionable practical next steps. This can be in the form of technical (making better mixes), tactical (how to get more views, plays, sales), or tangible (goal setting, mindset).  Each session provides practical and actionable steps for accountability.


CONTACT: Click the button below to schedule your free jam session and prior to the call I’ll have you answer a couple questions.

INTAKE: We have a quick 20 minute brainstorm to meet, see what you’re struggling with, and if you’re a good fit for the program.

COACHING: We begin the coaching program to jumpstart your progress.

GROWTH: Before you know it you’re Jay-Z!

(Alternatively, your music starts to improve and you continue to level-up.)

 You may also set up monthly or bi-monthly sessions or email check-ins to support the inevitable hills and valleys that come with music production.

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