How Much Does It Cost?

You don’t have to have everything figured out.

We’re so often led to believe that we need to have our shit together by a certain age. Like if you don’t have the keys to life by the time you’re 25 you’re washed up.

You mean, you haven’t chosen your life’s career yet? OK. Well you’re falling behind. And be careful, because once you choose you can’t change it. 

Life isn’t a zero sum game. It’s not binary. There’s no clear winner or loser, and there’s no specified time limit. Yet, we all feel like we’re competing. Like if you aren’t choosing a path early on and sticking to it you’re either losing or falling behind.

I’ve always struggled with this, even picking a major in college. I was like, I have decide what path I’m choosing for life at...18? We expect a specialty of some sort. You might have hobbies and other interests, but with your career you can only be this one thing. 

Often I think our choice for specializing is more of a play for leverage than self-actualization.

We know the opportunity is there with a specialty. Less competition. Easier for customers to understand.

Jobs fit better when they can fit in a box.

But life doesn’t fit well in boxes.

Gone are the days when you graduated and then chose a company to be loyal to for the rest of your life.

What if I get tired of the work? What if I want something different at 45 then at 25? We don’t allow a lot of space for the opportunity to experiment and continue to develop. 

You have to try shit.

When you find a spark or a proclivity for something run with it. If you’ve been focused on one path it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to choose another one later. Instead of trying to compete against everyone else’s timeline, think about yours as a standalone project. What makes the most sense for you. 

When it comes to making changes we often get obsessed with sunk costs. How much time, money, and effort we’ve already put toward this one path. You went to law school. You’ve been practicing for a few years now. You spent thousands for multiple degrees...and now you want to do what exactly? Teach? You must be crazy. 

What makes the most sense for you.

You used to love it, but if your heart isn’t it in anymore what’s the point? 

Rather than thinking:

How much would it cost to make a change?

Picture it as “how much would it cost not to?”

Kia Orion