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Ay, I’m Kia.

I teach aspiring beatmakers and beginners the actionable steps to produce more efficiently, stay inspired, and market their music online.

If you’re looking for someone to kick your ass and give you the proper tools to make bangin’ beats and crush the learning curve you’re in the right place.


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Download one of my free powerful guides, templates, or tutorials to accelerate your progress.

Free Ableton Intro Course

You want to use Ableton but not sure where to start? I’ll give you the quickest way to start making beats in my favorite DAW.

Recommended Software for Hip-Hop Producers

You’re a beginning beatmaker looking for an easy way to make better beats? These are my recommended software resources to help you step up your production.

Fire Fuel Drum Samples

You want an instant upgrade to your beats? Use better sounds. Download my go-to drum samples for free.


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Save yourself 10 years of trial-and-error.

You have questions. I’ve got answers.

On my new podcast Beat School I answer the most Frequently Asked Questions I get hit with by beatmakers.

Every week I give you my tips, tactics, and techniques as well as take deep dives on plugins, gear, productivity, creativity, and everything in between.

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What Students Say

If you are new in the game Kia’s shit is a goldmine. This is just what you need to know to get things done at the beginning of your career.
— Christopher Burgos
Kia Orion really opened up my eyes to what I’m capable of. I will definitely be hitting him up asking for advice. I truly believe in myself and he makes it easy for me. Thank you.
— Dane Richard Natividad
Thank you Kia! Still going back to watch parts of the class and mixing at the same time. Great course!
— Dominique Hill
This is exactly what I’ve been lookin for, I have been having trouble structuring my beats and couldn’t figure out how to fix the issue. There’s good information in his tutorials.
— Pavi Watson